Latest status

I’ve imported around 1700 images from the old site, and 70 rental properties.

Within this new platform I have associated the images with the corresponding properties.

Next i’ll need to create booking calendars for each one and associate each with the corresponding property.

I also need to tidy up SEO settings across all properties.

We’ll be adding the featured properties slider to this homepage, as well as some initial blog entries rich in text on HMS, el parque and the area.

We’ll also be adding dedicated pages for some items and linking to it in the top nav.

Don’t worry about the way the language selection is done right now …I still need to sort the translations and how best to detect and display language options.

For the moment, you can search for property names in the top search box e.g. “Sotillo”

Pay particular attention to the carefully crafted Search Engine friendly URL format for properties -should maximize pull.

Bear in mind that I recognize lots of loose ends to tidy up …e.g. the way the search results are displayed. I’ll get to it but just wanted to share the site with you for the first time …we’ll swiftly address the final pieces and I really hope to launch this week.

More to follow -we’re getting there!

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